centroThink is driven by the disintermediation of the traditional customer communication model. No longer do companies need intermediaries between themselves and their customers or their prospects. Your company can develop an excellent communication strategy without being dependent upon traditional media organizations to get your message to your intended audience. Never has it been easier to reach out and interact with a customer base. But with ease of interaction comes the risk of overstepping the boundary between customer outreach and customer outrage.

Rob Stuart, Founder of centroThink

This is where a thoughtful, integrated thought leadership strategy becomes important. Customer loyalists and champions want information from you. Prospects who are researching new products or services want information from you. The challenge is to provide it in an organized fashion across multiple delivery platforms in a way that allows for measurable results which you can use to further hone your strategy.

centroThink will focus on strategies and technologies to help you leverage the thought leaders and content experts at your company so you can better drive brand awareness, perceived value, competitive differentiation, and ultimately, improved customer retention and new customer acquisition.

One Response to mission

  1. Jay Hardy says:

    Thanks for this site. I have been sending some elected officials to your site to encourage them to develop a new lexicon for their central reality — always being in campaign mode while trying to actually get things done, like constituent services or passing good laws. Sounds like a classic marketing / product development or improvement dynamic to me. Political speak is focus and message discipline — your alternative look is thought leadership and effective use of virtual podiums to retain, strengthen and acquire customers (voters).

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